Who Are We?

USPS Realty was founded in 1978 and is actively involved in the buying and selling of USPS post offices real estate. This family run business prides itself on its integrity on not only buying and selling post offices but also on the proper maintenance of their property. Any and all maintenance is done properly and promptly. If you are interested in buying or selling a post office, please contact us HERE.



11% RETURN!!!!!!!

The Levin Group is selling 19 post offices that will yield an investor a remarkable 11% net return on investment. These are post offices that are the only post offices in their respective city and they all have been occupied by USPS for many years. USPS is not closing any of these post offices. They are decreasing the hours open to the public in which they are replacing high paid postmasters with part time office managers making up to $16/hour which will save USPS a huge amount of money by lowering wages and eliminating health and retirement benefits. Less hours is less wear and tear on our buildings.

Post Offices For Sale

New Athens, OH       Land Lease    $3400/yr
Snyder, NE                998 Sq. Ft.     $3504/yr
Lapine, AL                  800 Sq. Ft.     $6300/yr
Decker, IN                 800 Sq. Ft.     $6600/yr
Lovelaceville, KY      Land Lease     $4200/yr
Piqua, KS                   812 Sq. Ft.     $4872/yr
Hettick, IL                 768 Sq. Ft.     $5610/yr
Houston, DE               800 Sq. Ft.    $6708/yr
Kilbourne, LA            810 Sq. Ft.     $5280/yr
Donaldson, IN           1230 Sq. Ft.   $8280/yr
Barnard, KS              1025 Sq. Ft.    $6600/yr
Morland, KS              1003 Sq. Ft.    $6402/yr
Keystone, IA             1022 Sq. Ft.    $8000/yr
Alamo, ND                 1000 Sq. Ft.    $6000/yr
Alma, IL                     925 Sq. Ft.     $6475/yr
Garden Grove, IA      824 Sq. Ft.     $6344/yr
Coffey, MO                1125 Sq. Ft.    $8640/yr
Dundee, IA                553 Sq. Ft.      $3834/yr
Prairie City, IL          1150 Sq. Ft.    $8177/yr

Total Sq Ft Rented      15,645 Sq. Ft.

Total Annual Rent      $115,226/yr

Taxes                                $6,866/yr

Insurance                        $4,276/yr

Maintenance Reserve  $15,645/yr

Net                                       $88,439/yr

PRICE: $799,995

A major expense of USPS has been employee wages and benefits that exceed 65% of their budget. Rental costs of USPS has only been approximately 2% of their budget. By reducing the hours of post offices and replacing postmasters with part time office managers, USPS is not only saving huge amounts of money but assures the community of continual service to that community.

"The Postal Service drops plans to close thousands of Post Offices." Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe says."We have listened to our customers in rural America, and we've heard them loud and clear: They want to keep their post offices open," Donahoe says. "Any rural community that wants to retain their post office, we will work with them to do that." USA Today (May 10, 2012)